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About APS
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            APS Groton
            APS Lexington
            APS Arlington
            APS Suffolk
            APS West
            APS Manufacturing Facility
      Leadership Team
      Mission Statement
      Employee Directory
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            Support Services Experience
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      Doing Business with APS
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      Commitment to Quality
            Structural Acoustics & Vehicle Silencing
            Ocean Acoustics
            Sonar System Design and Analysis
            Experimentation and Calibration
            Acoustic Test Tank Facility
            Ship Seakeeping
            Nonlinear Fluid-Structure Interaction
            Experimental Hydrodynamics
            Electric Motor Acoustic and EM Signature Modeling
            Electric Machine Signature Testing and Evaluation
      Signal Processing
            Detection Algorithms
            Identification Algorithms
            Multi-Sensor Fusion Algorithms
            Parameter Estimation and Tracking Algorithms
            Underwater Acoustic Transducers
            Passive Acoustic Surveillance and Scientific Monitoring
            Active Sonar
            Acoustic Navigation and Positioning
            Acoustic Communication
            Calibration, Self Noise, and Radiated Acoustic Signatures
            Buoy and Mooring Sensor and Data Acquistion Systems
            Acoustic Arrays
            Custom Design and Fabrication
            Acoustic Noise Floor Test Facility
      METOC Systems
            GIS Technologies
            Tactical Oceanography
            Next Generation Systems Engineering
      Environmental Noise Monitoring
      Integrated Systems Research
            GRAVITY Communications Framework
            Augmented and Mediated Reality
            LFFM: The Low-frequency Facility Modeler
            Atmospheric Infrasound Modeling
      Working at APS
      Equal Employment Opportunity
      Accessibility and Accommodations
            Invitation to Self-Identify Pre-Offer
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