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NEWS: APS Presents ESMF at Sea Air Space 2016
NATIONAL HARBOR, MD - Scientists and Engineers from APS presented the Environment and Ship Motion Forecasting system (ESMF), known as FutureWaves™, within the General Dynamics booth at Sea Air Space 2016.

FutureWaves™ employs Navy METOC data, an Advanced Wave Sensing Radar (AWSR), hydrodynamic ship models and ship user interfaces to provide environmental situational awareness and time-specific ship motion predictions.  ESMF is a Seabasing enabling technology, allowing increased safety for cargo transfer between vessels and aircraft deck landings, as well as many other military and commercial applications.  Development of ESMF is sponsored by the Office of Naval Research (ONR) Code 331.

For more information on ESMF, download our brochure HERE

Captain John Kusters, USN (Ret.) presents ESMF to Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter


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