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NEWS: APS releases the full source code for its Gravity™ infrastructure
Arlington, Virginia – February 17 2015 – Applied Physical Sciences today released the full source code for its Gravity™ infrastructure software to the development community as open source. Two years in the making, Gravity leverages decades of experience building distributed high-performance, real-time systems and is at the core of all of APS’ significant systems and prototypes. APS is pleased to open it to wider collaboration among customers, partners, and others.

Gravity has proven reliable and robust across many application domains and operational environments. Gravity has been used to build a variety of systems; from large-scale systems that span a distributed network of servers to embedded applications on the highly-constrained hardware platforms on unmanned underwater vehicles (UUV).

The Gravity Framework is a high-performance software framework for the rapid prototyping and development of complex, distributed systems. Its use reduces the time, cost, and risk inherent in the development of software for large complex systems. Gravity is an open standards library and tool suite designed to enable developers of complex high-performance and real-time systems to focus on the high-level application modules, while providing the underlying communication channel required to achieve the required system performance and preserving the portability of the code across current and future hardware platforms. It is ideally suited to large-scale sensor integration. It provides infrastructure services and a dynamic, asynchronous communication channel between components that is optimized for high throughput and low latency. Gravity has been successfully used to integrate multiple languages (e.g. C/C++, Java, Fortran, Python, MATLAB) and works on Windows and Linux.

Gravity is available at https://github.com/aphysci/gravity under terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License.


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