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NEWS: Lighweight Broadband Underwater Sound Source
Applied Physical Sciences (APS) has developed a very broadband underwater acoustic sound source to support marine mammal behavioral research and other applications such as sonar waveform performance evaluation, echo repeaters, and low-frequency ACOMMS.  The Lightweight Broadband Underwater Sound System (LWBBUSS) can transmit arbitrary sounds in the 500 to 10,000 Hz band with accurate reproduction of the acoustic pressure magnitude and phase up to 180 dB re. 1 microPa-m level.  The system uses four separate transducers with overlapping frequency operating bands and a virtual, computer-controlled crossover network.  The system has been used successfully by Duke University (Prof. Douglas Nowacek) to transmit a variety of recorded marine mammal vocalizations to observe the resulting behavior of like and different species.  The LWBBUSS is one-person portable and deployable and powered by a standard AC supply or could be run from an inverter or redesigned for battery operation.

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