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NEWS: APS awarded ONR Code 32 tasking to support Mine Warfare

  ONR BAA 12-18 sought innovative technology solutions that will enable the Navy to develop a Mine Countermeasures Mission Package for incorporation into a future Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) system.   The mission package envisioned will enable the conduct of three phases of mine hunting operations -mine detection/classification, identification, and neutralization in a single sortie.  APS was selected to support two tasks defined in this BAA:

1. The development of a low cost navigation concept to enable untethered mine neutralization (ONR BAA 12-18 Task 7)
2. Development of an automated Battle Damage Assessment capability that will enable a remote operator to determine if a mine was successfully neutralized (ONR BAA 12-18 Task 8)

Each task is planned to be a three year effort.  Phase I of this effort has commenced and is anticipated to be completed January 2014.



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