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NEWS: APS Awarded Phase II SBIR Contract to Develop Acoustic Communications Transducer
APS has been awarded a Phase II SBIR contract from ONR Code 321 to develop an acoustic communications transducer to support long range data transmissions underwater.  As per the description for SBIR topic N111-066, the projector adheres to a challenging set of requirements which include low frequency operation at deep depths with moderately high source levels.  A scale-model prototype was developed during Phase I and successfully tested to validate the analytical and numerical design models.  Presently, a full-scale prototype is being manufactured and is expected to be evaluated at a Navy-operated open water test facility in November 2013.  After Phase II is complete the next milestone in the spiral development cycle is to configure the projector as the central component in a communication system at the Aloha Cabled Observatory for an extended evaluation period.



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