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NEWS: APS Presents Talk at the 28th Symposium on Naval Hydrodynamics
Dr David Greeley, APS Principal Scientist, presented a talk entitled, "Efficient Time-Domain Computation of Bilge Keel Forces" at the 28th Symposium on Naval Hydrodynamics held in Pasadena, CA in September 2010.

This biannual international symposium, jointly organized by the U.S. Office of Naval Research and the California Institute of Technology in 2010, is held to promote the technological exchange of peer-reviewed naval research developments of common interest to all the countries of the world. Emphasis is placed on new developments in the general field of fluid mechanics as they relate to naval hydrodynamics. The symposium proceedings traditionally provide archival documentation on the state-of-the-art for naval hydrodynamics. Dr. Greeley's presentation was based on the APS paper entitled "Efficient Time-Domain Computation of Bilge Keel Forces" authored by David Greeley and Brian Petersen. The paper details the development and verification of an accurate, robust, and computationally efficient bilge keel force model, which represents a key component of the US Navy's new non-linear ship seakeeping tool developed under the TEMPEST program.  In the paper, results from the APS model are shown to be comparable to those from validated higher-fidelity simulations, but are obtained at a fraction of the computational cost.


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