July 30th, 2019 - GROTON, CT – Applied Physical Sciences (APS) Launches New FutureWaves Product Website

The FutureWaves team at APS is proud to launch the new FutureWaves product website.

This newly developed site has been designed to better relay information on the wave and vessel-motion sensing and forecasting system. It features details on how the system works, different possible applications, the benefits that it provides, and much more.

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December 1st 2017 - GROTON, CT – Applied Physical Sciences (APS) Awarded DARPA Hunter Contract

Applied Physical Sciences (APS) has been awarded a DARPA Hunter contract.

Please follow this link for additional details.

May 12th 2017 - EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE, CA – Applied Physical Sciences (APS) supports Risk Reduction for Future Community Testing with a Low-Boom Flight Demonstration Vehicle

Applied Physical Sciences is leading a team in supporting the Commercial Supersonic Technology Program for NASA.   Robert Hunte and Kelsey Huyghebaert recently supported sonic boom measurements at the Armstrong Flight Research Center in California. The AFRC Community Response Test was conducted from 8-12 May 2017. The intent of this test was to evaluate methods planned for utilization during a community response test in the future; a risk reduction effort for the ultimate Community Response Test of the Quiet Super Sonic Transport (QueSST) aircraft. These tests were also designed to provide for Lessons Learned regarding the control and placement of the boom footprint from the Low Boom Dive Maneuver (LBDM) within the test control area containing the ground acoustic array and test subjects, communications, instrumentation.  The event overall was successful in that it provided valuable lessons learned and validated key data collection methods planned for the risk reduction Community Response Test scheduled for September 2018.

Please see this news clip for more information.

August 16th 2017 – Arlington, Virginia – APS Demonstrated ARgos Augmented Reality Applications

May 17th 2017 - GROTON, CT – APS awarded US NAVY contract