Sensing Systems

APS designs and fabricates a wide range of  sensors and sensing systems for applications such as underwater acoustics, remote sensing of ocean waves, structural vibrations, and remote optical sensing of fluid velocity. 



Signal and Information Processing

APS develops processing algorithms for embedded and desktop platforms with a focus on sonar, radar, optical and seismic systems. 



Ocean Engineering and Hydrodynamics

APS provides expertise in coastal and deepwater engineering with specialized capabilities in instrumented buoys, moored systems, computational fluid dynamics, propeller design and seakeeping. 



Communications and Navigation

APS designs and implements communications and navigation solutions that exploit positioning and localization via acoustics, optics and RF signals.  We specialize in wireless underwater and air/water interface systems for UUVs and ROVs. 



Signatures and Self Noise

APS’s capabilities in structural acoustics, acoustic and non-acoustic submarine and surface ship signatures, and counter-detection analysis are nationally recognized.  We specialize in advanced signature control technologies, flow noise modeling, wave scattering and non-acoustic signatures modeling.  



Structural Mechanics

APS provides expertise in shock analysis and mitigation, underwater explosion modeling, ballistic impacts and fracture mechanics.  We also provide R&D of advanced materials applications for armor, noise suppression and acoustic transducers.     



Electromagnetic Machinery and Devices

APS provides unique end-to-end capabilities to develop, design and fabricate advanced electromagnetic devices such as magnetic gears, electrodynamic shakers and high torque motors.  A particular area of expertise is in the field of electro-acoustics and the design of quiet machinery.     



Integrated Software Architectures

In support of our integrated modeling, integrated processing and autonomous systems programs, APS offers expert capabilities in high throughput middleware, open system architectures, hardware-in-the-loop simulations and user interfaces.  




Augmented Reality Applications


APS develops Augmented Reality (AR) applications for ship construction and maintenance activities that dramatically reduce the cost, time, and error rate associated with locating and measuring.  Our focus is on rapidly developing customized AR applications tailored for specific shipboard tasks.





Rapid Prototyping

APS provides rapid prototyping and limited scope production of electronic subsystems, UUV payloads, acoustic transducers and arrays, tow-bodies, moorings, instrumented buoys, electric motors and electro-dynamic shakers.