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Underwater Acoustic Transducers
Passive Acoustic Surveillance and Scientific Monitoring
Active Sonar
Acoustic Navigation and Positioning
Acoustic Communication
Calibration, Self Noise, and Radiated Acoustic Signatures
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Acoustic Arrays
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Acoustic Noise Floor Test Facility
Underwater Acoustic Transducers
One of APS’s specialties is the design, fabrication and use of directional and “vector” transducers – the latter of which might be considered a multidimensional extension of the former.  Our vector transducer designs fall into three general classes: diffraction-type gradient sensors; multi-mode gradient sensors; and inertial (i.e., particle) motion vector sensors.  Each has particular advantages depending on the application.

Photographs and illustrations of some of the directional and vector transducers
APS/Acoustech have designed and built.
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