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Underwater Acoustic Transducers
Passive Acoustic Surveillance and Scientific Monitoring
Active Sonar
Acoustic Navigation and Positioning
Acoustic Communication
Calibration, Self Noise, and Radiated Acoustic Signatures
Buoy and Mooring Sensor and Data Acquistion Systems
Acoustic Arrays
Custom Design and Fabrication
Acoustic Noise Floor Test Facility
Passive Acoustic Surveillance and Scientific Monitoring
APS has conceptualized, designed, and fabricated sensors and subsystems for both airborne and underwater passive acoustic surveillance and scientific measurement.  These include vector sensors for deep submergence applications and a vector sensor towed array for torpedo defense applications.  APS has a unique and proven capability to fabricate specialized transducers for harsh operating conditions as well as vector sensor towed arrays.
Photograph showing a vector sensor APS developed for use in a line array that will be deployed in deep water.  The sensor has the lowest electronic noise floor and deepest submergence capability of any vector sensor developed to date.

Illustration showing how a vector sensor towed array can be used to discriminate between left and right contacts. 

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