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Ship Seakeeping
Nonlinear Fluid-Structure Interaction
Experimental Hydrodynamics
Nonlinear Fluid-Structure Interaction
Applied Physical Sciences maintains in-house capability for simulation of flow-coupled nonlinear structural motion, including cables and flexible foils, as well as rigid bodies of arbitrary geometry. Depending on the application, fluid coupling is to Direct Numerical Simulation of the viscous flow, coefficient-based hydrodynamics, or the AEGIR potential flow code. APS staff have extensive experience in coupling techniques for maintaining computational efficiency and stability. Applications include vortex-induced-vibration, tow cable and towbody dynamics, turbulent cable flow, and coupled cable and platform dynamics.

APS is currently using such dynamic coupling in support of the LCAC modification, coupling the free-surface hydrodynamics of AEGIR to the compressible flow dynamics of the air cushion, the six-degree-of-freedom motion of the vessel, and the structural response of the skirt. APS has demonstrated capability and been funded for work simulating a dynamic motion compensation system, coupling nonlinear tow-cable dynamics to a towing craft being forced in waves.

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