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GRAVITY Communications Framework
Augmented and Mediated Reality
Integrated Systems Research

Our Advanced Integration Systems Research Capability spans a number of domains, and in particular, we are focused on:


    Algorithmic capabilities in applied mathematics, networked sensing, sensor data resolution, and "Making Sense of Sensed Data"

    Our GRAVITY Framework communications  framework  supporting platform agnostic communications especially in  challenging tactical domains; and supporting multiple communications paradigms from publish/subscribe to remote procedure calls  

    Sensors and systems supporting the emerging Internet of Things   from sensors (biometric, on the sea, under the sea, on the land, in the air, environmental, phenomenological) to interfaces, to middleware, to complete systems

    Virtual Worlds, massively multiplayer online games (MMOs) particularly  as a venue and user experience for coordinative data exploration and analysis

    Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, especially in tactical and analytical usage

    Innovation in User Experience, especially in novel modalities including direct gesture through worn apparel not requiring external cameras or other gear (gesture gloves, head look detection)


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