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Ship Seakeeping
Nonlinear Fluid-Structure Interaction
Experimental Hydrodynamics
Experimental Hydrodynamics
The experience of the staff at Applied Physical Sciences enables successful design and implementation of experimental hydrodynamic pursuits. With extensive theoretical hydrodynamics knowledge, simulation capability, and experience in tank, tunnel, and open-water testing and sensor development, APS is positioned to provide solutions to challenging problems in experimental hydrodynamics.

APS worked in experimental hydrodynamics for the study of diver signatures in support of ONRs  Underwater Threat Neutralization program. Applying theoretical hydrodynamics and exploiting in-house simulation capabilities, APS was able to assess the requirements in design of hydrodynamic sensors tested in detection of swimming bodies. APS staff performed open-water experiments with the developed sensors for hydrodynamic detection of both human divers and marine mammals, using simulation results to aid in interpretation of observation data.
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