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Electric Motor Acoustic and EM Signature Modeling
Electric Machine Signature Testing and Evaluation
Commercial ships and naval combatants are increasingly relying on the use of electric propulsion concepts.  Several of the recently completed cruise ships employ outboard electric propulsion pods and gas turbine driven generators.  The implementation of these systems successfully overcame a number of significant technology development challenges.  Naval platforms employing electric propulsion system design concepts typically face additional signature design challenges.

At APS we strive to bring a multidisciplinary team of engineers and scientists to develop innovative design tools and design concepts.  To that end our capabilities and work in acoustics and vehicle silencing are complemented by a growing expertise and experience base in electromagnetic modeling of electric machines.  Several members of APS’ technical staff have professional backgrounds in electromagnetics, and in particular the design and evaluation of the signature attributes of electric motors.  Many of our staff have related academic backgrounds in mechanical engineering and the physics and mathematics of wave propagation.

APS’ core competencies in electromagnetics fall under these two general headings:

     Electric Motor Acoustic and EM Signature Modeling
     Electric Machine Signature Testing & Evaluation

Our past and current work in electromagnetics and electric machinery focuses mainly on Naval applications.  Our interest and experience includes electric propulsion motor applications, as well as generators, electric actuators, and other electric machines.
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