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Electric Motor Acoustic and EM Signature Modeling
Electric Machine Signature Testing and Evaluation
Electric Motor Acoustic and EM Signature Modeling
APS conducts applied research and development in electromagnetics for the Office of Naval Research and several prime contractors.  Our current focus is on developing analytic-numeric methods of estimating the performance of electric motors.  The analysis methods we have developed capture important, but often overlooked design issues.  The critical spatial and temporal dependences of the internal and external fields are estimated using the formulations developed at APS.

These newly developed analysis methods provide the design community with computationally efficient numerical tools that can be used to evaluate next generation propulsion systems and signature reduction concepts.  They are intended to provide critical parametric study design tools that allow one to assess alternative design approaches. The tools we have developed to predict the magnetic field in the air gap of the motor have been incorporated with our acoustic modeling tools.  This provides an integrated signature assessment capability.

Development and testing of full scale ship propulsion motors is a costly business.  In many instances we expect that prototype motors will not be identical to the final shipboard unit.   Signature and vibration levels of the prototype and shipboard unit may be different and the differences must be accounted for in the design process.  The analytic formulations developed by APS as part of the design tool development effort provide a means of scaling measured performance levels to account for motor design changes and variations in tolerances.  Moreover, the formulations provide critical relationships between different design parameters that are not readily gleaned from finite element analysis methods.  These relationships provide us with information needed to devise design modification recommendations.
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