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Commitment to Quality
Applied Physical Sciences Corp. is a leading research and development engineering firm employing advanced technology and fundamental science to provide solutions to our customer’s most challenging engineering problems.  Our company must meet and exceed our customer’s expectations in order to ensure customer satisfaction and promote the future success of our business endeavors.   Therefore, our Quality Management System (QMS) is a vital component of our business operations and its underlying principals are an essential part of our corporate culture.

Our QMS is built on three core principles:
  • Organize our work, work space, and documentation records to ensure efficient work execution and data retrieval.
  • Streamline our processes and procedures as well as our work flow to remove unnecessary steps or redundancy.
  •  Continuously improve our processes and procedures to ensure they are supporting our measureable objective goals as well as ensuring they remain suitable for our operations.

We have a strong commitment from APS senior management to conduct our operations in accordance with our QMS.  We provide training and documented guidance to our employees and seek their feedback to improve our processes and procedures. 

Within the scope and applicability of our Quality Management System, Applied Physical Sciences Corp. has established goals related to our work performance.  To accomplish these goals, we ask each of our employees to commit to the APS QMS program and utilize it to the fullest extent in providing superior products and services. 

ISO Certification

In July, 2012, Applied Physical Sciences achieved ISO 9001:2008 Registration with a scope of:   Engineering, Research, Development and Manufacturing specializing in advanced sensing and communication systems, vehicle signature control methods, and ocean engineering for the defense and commercial markets.  The certificate was granted by ANAB accredited American Systems Registrar.


APS ISO 9001:2008 Registration Certificate

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