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Acoustic Test Tank Facility
Acoustic Test Tank Facility

Applied Physical Sciences operates an Acoustic Test Tank Facility at their 6000 sq. ft. Groton, CT fabrication facility.  The 3600 gallon, 9-ft diameter capacity tank supports APS' development capabilities through in-house testing of transducers and sensors.  Key features and capabilities are:

   Non-reverberant, time-gated mode of operation for frequencies above 5kHz or steady state.
Single-shaft rotator system which can be operated continuously or in a stepped-angle mode.

Measure free-field voltage sensitivity (FFVS) and receive beam-patterns for hydrophones and Transmit Voltage Response (TVR), transmit beam-patterns, and impedance for acoustic transmitters.
Acquires 16-bit data at a 1MHz rate for a single channel or 8 channels at 125 kHz rate.

APS’ Acoustic Test Tank Facility provides timely, cost-effective evaluation of transducer characteristics to support rapid product development.

For more information contact:
Russell Rekos (860)448-3253 x130, or via email
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