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Acoustic Noise Floor Test Facility
Acoustic Noise Floor Test Facility
Applied Physical Sciences (APS) operates an Acoustic Noise Floor Test Facility at their 8000 sq. ft. Groton, CT manufacturing facility.  The test facility can measure the electronic noise floor of acoustic sensors at infrasonic, audible, and ultrasonic frequencies.  Key features and capabilities are:
  • Consists of an evacuated metal tube that is compliantly suspended from a rigid frame.
  • Sensor under test, as well as the signal conditioning electronics, are compliantly suspended inside the tube thus forming a two-layer resilient mount.  This arrangement permits the facility noise floor to be much lower than the so-called Sea State Zero ocean ambient noise spectrum.
  • The vacuum pump, which is used to remove air from the tube, breaks the airborne noise path and holds the negative pressure almost indefinitely.
  • Specially designed valve network is employed via plumbing fixtures so the vacuum pump can be disconnected from the tube in order to break the structure-borne noise path.
  • The metal tube acts as a Faraday cage and provides strong rejection against EMI.
The facility is routinely used to categorize the electronic noise floor of accelerometers, geophones, hydrophones, and vector sensors of various designs along with their associated signal conditioning electronics.

For more information contact:
James  McConnell (860)448-3253, jmcconnell@aphysci.com
or Russell Rekos (860)448-3253, rrekos@aphysci.com

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