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Acoustic Arrays

APS is highly experienced in the design, development, fabrication and deployment of underwater acoustic array systems. These array systems are frequently used for underwater acoustic research and seismic exploration. Many of these systems provide data links through the use of our RF telemetry system.


We have designed and fabricated an acoustic data array system for use in the Arctic during the TRISTEN Experiment, providing personnel to this site to deploy, operate and maintain the system. For deployment, we were required to develop the means to lay cable and drill through the ice pack. This work was done in support of the Naval Undersea Warfare Center. In addition, we modified three ATVs and trailers with special handling equipment for Arctic operations. Our engineers and technicians participated in the implementation, data collection and analysis.



Under various contracts to the Naval Undersea Warfare Center, we have designed and developed array hose terminations, couplings, slip rings and drogues for the TB29, MLTA and SALFAS programs. The termination designs were primarily of a swaged and epoxy design. Unique designs for terminating VIM hoses were developed, utilizing Raychem cryogenic rings. Special tooling to support terminating arrays was also designed and fabricated. We have supplied prototype active and passive drogues for multiline and single line arrays.

Multi-line Drogue Mechanism

Array Hose Terminations

Active Drogue                           Drogue



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