March 21st, 2017 - EL SEGUNDO, CA – APS participated in the 30th Aerospace Testing Seminar with a paper presentation on aerospace ordnance shock source modeling and a table highlighting new aerospace simulation capabilities at the ATS Interactive Technical Interchange.

APS participated in the 30th Aerospace Testing Seminar hosted by The Aerospace Corporation in El Segundo, CA. The seminar hosted 240 participants from 10 countries with over 50 papers discussing test standards, environment prediction and test specification development, and recent advances in aerospace test methods. Mr. Joshua Gorfain of APS' Platform Signatures, Hydrodynamics & Structural Mechanics Division presented a technical paper titled "High-Fidelity Physics-Base Source Shock Modeling for Launch Vehicle Design and Analysis". APS also hosted a table at the Interactive Technical Interchange highlighting new spacecraft and launch vehicle environment prediction capabilities. Participation in this seminar demonstrates the commitment of APS to deliver new and innovative shock, vibration, and acoustic prediction tools to the aerospace analysis, integration, and test community.