February 1st, 2017 - DENVER, CO – APS opens Denver CO office, focusing on aerospace applications.

Applied Physical Sciences (APS), a division of General Dynamics, announces the opening of our Denver CO office which will focus on aerospace applications. As the number of spacecraft and launch vehicle entrants grows, APS will deliver capabilities that target the shock, vibration, and acoustic environment prediction, mitigation, and test needs of this customer community. These capabilities build on APS' rich heritage of developing computationally efficient tools that provide rapid physical insight for naval applications and a broad array of vehicles and structures. Ongoing work includes physics-based tools for extrapolating shock environments in aerospace structures, performing acoustic simulations of liftoff events to estimate launch vehicle acoustic loading, and developing physics-based measurement techniques to validate these tools for aerospace applications. Improving spacecraft and launch vehicle environments provides distinct benefits to the spacecraft and launch vehicle industry. In particular, improved spacecraft environments enable benefits like lower weight and use of COTS components. Improved environments provide the basis for more efficient component testing through lowering overly-conservative test specification uncertainty margins while maintaining acceptable levels of risk. These benefits reduce cost, schedule, and technical risk associated with every aerospace program.