Job Opportunities

Job name Requisition # Firm
Principal Scientist – Part-time (154) 154 APS Groton, CT
Senior Mechanical Engineer (152) 152 APS Groton, CT
Fluid Mechanics and Applied Mathematics Scientist (151) 151 APS Groton, CT
Senior Electronics Engineer (153) 153 APS Concord, MA
Computer Engineer - Junior to Mid-Level 150 APS Groton, CT
Senior Computer Engineer (149) 149 APS Groton, CT
Mechanical/Manufacturing Engineer 146 APS Groton, CT
Senior Electronics Engineer 112G APS Groton, CT
Electronics Engineer 97 APS Groton, CT

Application Documents

Job Application
To apply for a job with Applied Physical Sciences, applicants need to fill-out and email to  Your completed form should be emailed as part of the online job application process.

Job application form
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Invitation to Self-Identify
In keeping with our commitment to Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), Applied Physical Sciences invites all applicants to self-identify pre-offer as a protected veteran and/or an individual with a disability.

Invitation to Self-Identify as Protected Veteran
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Invitation to Voluntary Self-Identification of Disability
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